Having a home adjusted to your needs is everyone's dream. But it is not always easy to achieve. Either because of the time and money that must be invested or because of the difficulty in finding the right style and decoration pieces for each room. That's why more and more people prefer the turnkey solution.

This modality is the simplest and most complete option for interior design and decoration projects. Besides offering several advantages, it also reduces your worries without neglecting your tastes.

But do you know what turnkey means? That is what we will explain in this article. You will get to know the definition, the stages, and the main advantages of a turnkey project.

What is the meaning of turnkey?

Professional interior designers dress houses. They are responsible for creating your customized home, and turnkey is the easiest way to achieve this.

The concept refers to a complete service that integrates the interior design project's idealization, preparation, and realization. In other words, this solution includes all the processes from the study of the property, the 2D and 3D projects, lighting studies, interior design consultancy, execution, and coordination of the work.

In this way, you don't have to worry about labor or the management of professionals, as the solution includes monitoring the work, technical plans, advice on materials, etc.

This way, you can have a home with a design tailored to your needs and tastes, with manufacture and delivery also tailored to your needs, without having to worry about managing logistics and budget.

What are the stages of a turnkey project?

After understanding that the turnkey solution includes the process from the beginning to the end of interior design, it is essential to know the steps of this project.

Briefing and planning

In the initial phase, coherent analysis and planning of the interior space are carried out. The client's needs, desires, and lifestyle are surveyed, also a study of space optimization according to the client's needs.

Interior design process

After gathering the information and carrying out the 2D layout, the designers begin the idealization of the project. After providing a 2D plan of the property layout, the team adapts the project according to the client's needs and tastes. All the design is custom-made for each client by professionals in the field.

For that, a 3D model of the floor plan and all the furniture and decoration of the home is developed, given the advice of designers on color selection and materials.

In the end, the project's photorealistic images, the intervention specifications, and the lighting plan are then developed.

Execution of the project

After the client's validation, it is time to bring the project to life. The specifications are applied, and the production of the furniture begins.

For the execution of the project, the team of interior designers is responsible for selecting the best suppliers and professionals in the areas of construction and decoration and guiding them during the execution of the process. The designers monitor all the construction work, follow the technical plans, and direct the subcontracted professionals so that the project created for them is faithfully implemented.

After all, the result is completely tailored to each client: design, manufacture, and bespoke delivery.

What are the advantages of the turnkey project?

As you have seen, the benefits of the turnkey solution are many. Learn about some of these advantages in detail:
- free from logistical issues: interior professionals take care of the design, selection of materials and professionals, and production of furniture and lighting pieces;
- time-saving: the client has no burden, only has to share the information in the initial briefing and evaluate the project presented;
- competitive price: the final cost already includes all areas of work, which also avoids possible mistakes in the purchase of furniture and decoration pieces;
- meeting deadlines: the team of designers guiding the professionals ensures that the deadline previously set at the beginning of the project is met
- centralization of responsibilities in a single entity: as interior design professionals are responsible for selecting the best suppliers and specialized professionals, the client has greater ease in monitoring all phases of the project.

In short, a turnkey interior design project is an asset for those looking to have a home adjusted to their needs and thought out to the smallest detail without any worries.